Veterans Day: Honoring Our Veterans, and Those Who Hire Them

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Many veterans need a job. Have you thanked a veteran today?


One of the biggest hardships veterans face is the inability to land jobs.


November 11th is an important time for Americans. It’s a time meant to honor the countless brave soldiers who served their country and risked their lives for our freedoms.


Veterans Day is a fitting opportunity to honor American heroes who, though not fallen may be wounded or forgotten. It’s also important to recognize the spouses, parents, and children who supported them as they served their country. Finally, it’s befitting to recognize individuals and organizations that have stood up to help our heroes and, in doing so, have become heroes themselves.


According to National Today, Veterans Day “is a tribute to military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who died while in service, Veterans Day honors all military veterans, including those still with us.


On Civilian Ground

One of the biggest misfortunes veterans face (especially those who have been wounded), is the inability to land jobs and provide for their families. Skills learned during combat often don’t prepare them for our genteel workforce. Also, the education they received during their service may not match up to the on-the-job experience of their civilian counterparts. As a result, they go from active and productive to unemployed and depressed.


Thankfully, this hardship is starting to be addressed, mostly by other veterans who successfully transitioned  from soldiers to civilians. For example, HicksPro, a DVBE and SDVOSB private staffing and career consulting firm, actively works to connect fellow veterans with hiring companies. A goal of HicksPro is to help employers see how veterans’ military training makes them more valuable in the workplace.


To help soldiers prepare for civilian life, the US Department of Veterans Affairs created an online Veterans Employment Toolkit. This kit offers advice on issues from psychological disorders, communication skills, and lists numerous career resources.


“World War I was a multinational effort, so it makes sense that our allies also wanted to celebrate their veterans on Nov. 11. The name of the day and the types of commemorations differ, however.” Department of Defense


A Hero To the Heroes

It’s not only government and fellow soldiers who are reaching out to our forgotten or wounded warriors. Other heroes, wearing suits instead of fatigues, have made it a point to address the needs of American soldiers unable to find jobs or too disabled to leave their homes. These heroes are businesses who see the value and potential of these veterans and are actively working to lift them up economically.


Though these companies would never call themselves heroes, they have already rescued thousands of veterans who were sinking into depression and poverty because they couldn’t find work. These “white collar heroes” have developed programs for veterans specifically to hire them or make them hire-able. And, they have established telework programs so that disabled veterans have the same opportunities as everyone else.


For those reasons, RemoteWork Source highlights these hero companies that not only address many needs of military veterans and their spouses, but offer flexible and remote work opportunities to veterans and their families.


It is my hope that before America’s thoughts drift away from our veterans, news of these companies will reach a veteran in need. It may give them the chance to enjoy the freedoms they fought so hard to preserve for us.




Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

Abbott values the leadership skills developed through military service and we have a broad range of functional areas to put your talents to work. Our organization is making a difference in the lives of the people we serve with a diverse offering of healthcare products. We have a strong veteran employee community to help with your transition from the military to the corporate world.



Industry: Information Technology and Services

Accenture has made a commitment to hire 5,000 veterans and military spouses by 2020. To help military personnel successfully transition back into civilian life, they provide skills translation, mentoring and training programs to ensure a successful career with them.



Industry: Human Resources

ADP offers career opportunities for military veterans and their spouses. They receive numerous discounts and benefits that start from their first day of employment.



Industry: Outsourcing, Customer Service Solutions

Prior to joining Alorica, EGS Corp has hired more than 2,500 veterans and military spouses. Since joining Alorica, the duty to support veterans and their families through employment opportunities remains an important mission, through their AloriCares initiative.

Industry: Retail

Amazon employs numerous veterans, and offers many benefits to all military branches, including those in the reserve, and spouses.



Industry: Healthcare/Insurance

They a part of a larger group of 200 other companies making up the Veterans Jobs Mission. Their aim is to collectively hire one million veterans and veteran spouses within the next several years.


Blue Star Families

Industry: Nonprofit Organization Management

Founded by military spouses, Blue Star Families provides free resources, services, and opportunities to more than 1.5 million military family members, military veterans, and active duty military personnel around the world. They also offer discounts on products and services to assist military families as they move from place to place.


CVS Health

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

CVS Health is part of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative to hire more veterans and military spouses. CVS Health has “committed to hire veterans and military spouses for 25 percent of our new hires in logistics and distribution centers, which equates to roughly 1,000 jobs.”



Industry: Telecommunications

Frontier is committed to expanding its hiring program to include spouses and partners of those on active military duty and National Guard/Reserves.



Industry: Healthcare, Insurance

Human hires veterans and military spouses. They are part of the White House’s Veteran’s Hiring Initiative.



Industry: Information Technology and Services

Leidos is a national security, health, and infrastructure company that created their Operation MVP as a company-wide initiative to hire, train and support returning veterans. They are also members of numerous organizations that support, train, and hire veterans and their spouses.



Industry: Hospital & Health Care

McKesson is the largest vendor for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DoVA) and a supplier for the Department of Defense’s TriCare Mail Order Pharmacy program. They also choose veteran-owned business suppliers to encourage more veteran success. McKesson has a nationwide employee resource group dedicated to veterans which provides networking and mentoring support to McKesson’s employee veterans across the company. Nearly 10% of McKesson’s employees have served our country.



Industry: Pharmaceuticals

In 2010, Merck received the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award for their outstanding support of their employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve. They offer numerous resources, such as their Veterans Roundtable, an employee network designed to help you adjust to corporate life, make your transition smooth and your work-life rewarding.



Industry: Information Technology and Services

SAIC is a premier technology integrator providing full life cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, intelligence, and enterprise information technology markets. They currently employ over 4,000 former military professionals. They rank number one as Forbes Top Employer for Veterans in 2016, and Forbe’s Top Companies for Work/Life Balance in 2015.


United Health

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

United Health has numerous alliances with organizations that support veterans and their spouses, particularly with employment. They are also strategically partnered with Paralyzed Veterans of America to help veterans transition to civilian life and find jobs.



Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

“As a leading communications technology company, Verizon is always looking for experienced leaders to step forward and help us stay competitive in the global marketplace. Over 8,000 veterans contribute their skills across our entire business. We’re proud to work alongside them each day – and fortunate to benefit from their outstanding skills, discipline and experience.”



Industry: Telecommunications

“Whether it’s through our technology, hiring veterans, or helping military families in our communities, we’re committed to supporting those who protect and serve. Over the years, veterans have brought significant leadership, capability and experience to teams across Viasat. We invite our country’s veterans to continue their mission at Viasat.”



Industry: Information Technology and Services

VetsEZ (Veterans EZ Info, Inc.), is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and a leading provider of information technology services to commercial and government markets. As Subject Matter Experts they offer leadership and innovative approaches to VA executive management shaping the future direction of VA Health and Benefits System Architecture.



Industry: Information Technology and Services

In 2015, Xerox hired more than 1,700 veterans in various positions throughout the United States. They hire also hire military spouses, and have dedicated Heroes@Home program, where they hire qualified veterans and military spouses for at-home employment opportunities. Aside from career programs, Xerox has a military appreciation initiative program that involves semi-annual care packages to their employees on military leave, scholarships for former military servicemen and women, a pen pal program, and more.



More Heroes Wanted

There are many, many more white collar heroes out there not mentioned in this article. This is but a small representative of companies already assisting our veterans.


Perhaps, rather than say “assisting” I should say “investing in”; as veterans have valuable skills that any business would want to capitalize on. To further encourage businesses to hire veterans, the Internal Revenue Service developed Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program, which allows them tax credits for hiring these valuable hopefuls.


Are you a business owner who wants loyal, resourceful, driven, organized, technically skilled employees to help you grow your bottom line? Then look no further than our veterans! Are you interested in saving money by letting employees work from home? Then reach out to our wounded soldiers who are qualified and ready to help.


Veterans Day Thank You

Thank a veteran with a job.

Time to Enlist

Join the ranks of these heroes. Help make it possible for our veterans to transition back into civilian life by offering them jobs and training. Build a bridge of opportunity for disabled veterans by creating remote workplace policies.


As you remember our heroes this Veterans Day, do not forget the heroes who are still to come.


According to the US Census Bureau, there were “roughly 18 million Americans, or about 7 percent of the adult population, who were veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in 2018. Ranging from 18 to over 100 years old, they served in conflicts as diverse as the Korean War and the Global War on Terrorism.”



Your turn: Are you a company part of an initiative to hire veterans and also offering work from home opportunities? Please tell us about it below.



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  1. Max Jones says:

    It was helpful when it was mentioned in this article that veterans who have been wounded can find trouble trying to land jobs because the skills they learned during combat don’t do well to prepare for the workforce. My brother is a veteran, and he lost his legs while in service, and lately, he has been having trouble trying to find a job. I’ll help him look for a wounded veteran mentoring support program so he can get the support he needs.

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks for writing a post geared towards helping vets find work.

    I’m a vet and am currently looking for remote work and it’s difficult out there – I’ve been pigeonholed into a decent enough career but it’s hard to branch out when you’ve been doing the same thing since your 18th birthday.

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