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Contribute an Article to RemoteWork Source



Do you write helpful content to guide job seekers in their telecommuting careers? We’d love to hear from you.  Articles which provide value to career seekers but are not related to telecommuting are welcomed too!


To get an idea of content we publish, please review our blog. You may also look over our press page to see where we have published, or who has written about us.


Contributor guidelines


Some popular topics include How-To’s regarding:

  • industry-specific information
  • managing time
  • resumes and cover letters
  • virtual interviewing techniques
  • social networking and job hunting
  • promoting one’s self when working remotely
  • effective communication with virtual co-workers/bosses


Infographics and “listicles” with valuable content are welcome. No curated content, please.


We also like tips for professionals for specific fields such as:

  • telepsychiatry
  • virtual customer service agents.
  • web developers.
  • freelance writing
  • virtual lawyers, etc.


Articles should be unique content, between 700-1000 words in length. If you wish to contribute an article, it should be of high quality to our readers, providing them with helpful tips and useful examples. Please do NOT include links, except in your author bio.


Images: In order to have control over image size and attributes, and to prevent any copyright issues, we do not need you to provide your own images. That will be taken care of by our editorial team.


Researchers: Have you done a survey or study related to work, work/life balance, or employee engagement? If you want to share your findings we’ll be pleased to look at them and include them in one of our own articles.


Finally, articles should be submitted to, subject: Article Submission.  We prefer to receive articles via Google Drive. If that doesn’t work for you, articles should be pasted in the body of your e-mail, as attachments will not be opened.


What’s in this for you?  That’s right: recognition. A byline, and a nice author information paragraph at the end of your article. Your article(s) might be used in our weekly newsletter, as well as placed on the home page.  Your article will remain in our article archive, available for viewing at any time.


Thank you for your interest in contributing to RemoteWork Source.