Create a Remote Workforce

Employer needing remote workforce
If you’re trying to create a remote workforce by placing ads on monstrous job boards, you could be missing the target. Recruiting candidates experienced in remote work requires more than browsing through hyped-up resumes*. It requires a good aim.


RemoteWork Source offers you a value added, low cost service to help manage your recruiting and retention needs when it comes to creating a remote workforce.


RemoteWork Source can help if:
>You’re a virtual company that needs to be staffed entirely by remote employees.
>You’d like to create a new department staffed by virtual employees.
>You want to fill a single position an experienced telecommuter.


No matter which description fits your situation, RemoteWork Source can help you find qualified job candidates in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost.


RemoteWork Source specializes in serving the needs of employers with seasonal or year-round recruiting challenges. Your service options range from intensive candidate sourcing to complete recruiting functions.


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*  25% of all resumes are fraudulent in some way.  (Kessler & Associates, Ltd.)