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Fact: College is tough. It’s worse if you’re stuck in a financial rut. That’s why we wrote The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College.


What is The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College?

Seventy percent of college students are stressed out over money, according to a national study by Ohio State University. The biggest concerns for most students are paying tuition and living expenses, including food! The problem is that finding a job takes time; and working a regular job requires commitment. Neither which many over-scheduled, sleep-deprived students have to give.


Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College book

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College is a 286-page comprehensive eBook that helps students quickly and easily earn money while in school. How? By tapping into the on-demand labor market, known as the Gig Economy.


We’ve learned that students not only want to earn money, but they need flexibility. They also want to make an impact in the world around them. The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College features jobs that can be done around students’ schedules, offer quick pay, and contribute to worthy causes such as conservation and humanitarianism. Many jobs can even be done remotely from their dorm rooms, apartments, or local libraries.





The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College gives students:

•A transparent look at The Gig Economy, and what it’s about
•Direct links to over 200 thoroughly researched gig companies* throughout the US, hiring in areas like: Microtasking, Pet Care, Tutoring, and App Evaluating
•Resources to help them get the most out of gig work
•Information on college internships, grants, scholarships, and more
•Career advice on professional memberships and ambassador programs
•Financial tips on student banking, taxes, and college loan debt
•Access to loads of discounts, from students’ favorite brands and companies that are actively involved in making the world a better place


* For safety reasons, ride sharing and apartment sharing opportunities have NOT been included in this guide.



The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Up Your Career Strategy


cleaning up career strategy

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So, I wrote a 45-page career eGuide which I wanted to give away. But Amazon rules say it has to be at least $.99. So it is 99 cents.
The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Up Your Career Strategy discusses resumes and cover letters (and beating ATS software); social media and online reputation management; picking the right references and coaching them to work how you want them to; email and phone communication; video resumes (and why they’re risky); and creating a Brag Book.






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Resources and Downloads

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in College mini-guide

This mini-guide offers several companies from the book that gives students flexible work. A great place to start if you want to see what kind of work is available.



How to Know What Questions to Ask After an Interview

You just completed an interview, and you answered all their questions without missing a beat. As you’re brain starts heading toward the door, the recruiter asks, “So, do you have any questions for me?” You want to ask, “May I leave, please?” but you can’t. This is the part when the recruiter is really scrutinizing your ability to think on your feet, show genuine interest in the job and the company, and stay calm throughout the process. We get it since we’ve all been there. To help you get through this scary time, we’ve created a 10-page FREE download cheat sheet covering all you need to know to answer that question like a pro.




Our #1 Cause

paytheinternWe believe that all students deserve equal opportunities to care, education, and internships. But the truth is, unpaid internships cut out opportunities for lower-income students who must work to survive. It is impossible for many students to take an some of the best internships to Washington DC, to Africa, to the middle of the ocean, to the fashion world of New York because they need to keep their job to pay rent and to eat. This is wrong.


The government doesn’t need to do anything other than to make unpaid internships illegal, and ensure that interns are paid a fair wage. Please help me help students by posting only paid internships on social, or when you see an unpaid internship, ask that company or organization to please #PayTheIntern ! This hashtag is gaining momentum on Twitter and LinkedIn. Let’s keep it going!





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About the Author


Pamela La Gioia is mom to three college-aged daughters, all who work two-three jobs to get through school. It was watching their struggles and determination that inspired La Gioia to begin researching ways for all college students to earn money. Gig economy jobs seemed to be the perfect answer: They are app-based, flexible, and students don’t need resumes and interviews to get hired.


La Gioia researched each company and organized them into a guidebook, making it simple enough for students to find a job that interests them, click on the job link or download the app, and start making money. But wanting to go further, La Gioia also assembled internships, scholarships, ambassadorships, and professional organizations to give students even more of an edge. Finally,  knowing how frugal her own daughters are, La Gioia dedicated an entire chapter on student discounts and places to find coupons.


This book is perfect for matching students’ immediate financial needs.



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