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For someone laid off, one of their biggest concerns (aside from finances), is how long it will be until they find another job. Gig work can help fill that resume gap. It can also expose job seekers to new forms of work within their profession, perhaps opening doors in another direction.


Below are several gig platforms for professionals in the business field.



Type of gig(s): Virtual investment/business consulting

Gig location(s): Global

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HQ: Chicago, USA


“Your time is valuable, which is why Tegus makes it incredibly fast and easy for you to be part of our world-class expert network. You set your own price, we connect you with a client, and you have the ability to manage your interactions and compensation from our platform. At Tegus, you’ll get so much more than a penny for your thoughts.”

Cognisium Experts

Type of gig(s): On demand global general business consulting

Gig location(s): Global

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HQ: Melbourne, AU


“Cognisium is a leading, talent on-demand global technology company that builds successful business relationships. We are a marketplace for freelance independent consultants at executive and senior professional level.”

Type of gig(s): On demand mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting

Gig location(s): Global

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HQ: London, UK


“Find M&A and Private Equity professionals that can immediately support or lead any M&A transaction. Our independent pool of Fintalents have technical backgrounds in over 2,900 industries and have worked at bulge brackets, global management consultancies, and tech ventures.”

Type of gig(s): Finance and accounting

Gig location(s): United States

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HQ: Chicago, US


“Pursue the work you want with Paro’s AI growth platform. Our platform analyzes millions of data points to help you maximize earnings and uncover growth opportunities so you can build the career you want. Gain a competitive advantage through our best-fit opportunity predictor that matches you with business challenges that your expertise is uniquely qualified to address. This allows you to provide more value, to better-fit clients, faster.”


Type of gig(s): General business subject matter experts

Gig location(s): United States

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HQ: San Francisco, US


“Graphite enables seamless access to the world’s best independent talent. Leading investment firms, professional services firms, and Fortune 500 companies leverage Graphite to accelerate business performance with on-demand experts and consultants. Companies rely on Graphite to execute mission critical projects with greater speed, flexibility and quality.”


Type of gig(s): Government-related business and tech

Gig location(s): United States

HQ: Virginia, US

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“GovFlex was founded by former government contractors who understand today’s challenges and want to help you succeed. We know how government works; we speak the language. The GovFlex online talent platform is dedicated to government acquisition professionals and those they serve.”

Do you know about gig opportunities? Are you a company offering professional business-related gig work? Share it below!


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