Compass Experience Labs – Fully Remote

Compass Experience Labs – Fully Remote

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Business Description

Compass Experience Labs's mission is to provide tailor-made customer service. They use clients' brand's voice, style, and tone to deliver a fully integrated customer experience that emphasizes quality as well as value. In doing so, they drive growth and put a smile on clients' customers' faces through exceptional customer service.


What Compass says:

"We partner with your business to determine your needs and provide the most appropriate solutions to drive growth. Compass creates unforgettable experiences between your brand and customers.

Our goal is to offer your business and customers authentic omnichannel experiences. We empower our employees and brands to provide the best around-the-clock service possible across multiple channels, including email, phone, chat, social media, and more."


NOTE: Some remote positions are location specific.


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Company Headquarters
638 East 5th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201, USA
Hiring Location(s)
Asia-Pacific, US

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