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Accredited Engineers

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TQS Integration, a Cognizant company, is a Global consulting, engineering and technology company. TQS Integration provides architecture and application design, engineering, consultation in best practices, system integration, project management, commissioning, training and 24x7 “follow the sun” support services to their valued customers; providing them a strategic competitive advantage, via advanced visualisation and data analysis of real time and historical data. This allows their customers to make decisions that positively affect their business in real time.

As an Independent Software Vendor, TQS Integration also provides Livepoint; an advanced visualization and data analysis Product. Livepoint provides an out-of-the-box platform for building a data monitoring infrastructure as well as providing a highly secure mechanism for enterprise data analysis. Livepoint is a web client and is built using HTML5 technologies to enable data analysis capabilities across the complete suite of mobile devices.


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Lismore, Co. Waterford, Munster P51H01X, Ireland
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Europe, US